A cyberattack is right around the corner—does your team know what it will look like or how to respond? Test your team's abilities and your system's configuration!

This category includes capture-the-flag exercises, defacement exercises, and red team / blue team exercise environments to pit your team members against each other. All scenarios include active monitoring so you know how far you've gotten!

Questions about which exercise is right for you? Contact cyrin@atcorp.com.

Hone your skills and see how an attacker would exploit configuration weaknesses. This Capture the Flag (CTF) scenario lets you see first-hand an attacker's strategies for compromising your systems. Can you gain total control over a target system solely via a web application?

Build on your skills from the first CTF scenario with a new web server setup—can you gain root access on this box?

Get experience conducting an internal investigation on a realistic corporate network.

You are a security officer for a shipping company whose trucks have repeatedly been hijacked by a criminal organization. The criminals appear to have advance information on the routes of the trucks, despite the company changing routes frequently. Company executives suspect someone within the company is leaking truck route information to the criminals. Students will have to determine who is leaking the information, how, and to whom.

Familiarity with the Bash shell.